My Bio

My 11-year professional experience in journalism and social media has qualified me with
substantial expertise in the industry. In addition, it has empowered me with professional confidence by
successfully managing challenging situations and developing skills like resourcefulness, multitasking, and
problem-solving behaviour.

More specifically, I have worked as an Editor in several means of communication within the industry, with
my ultimate achievement being the establishment of my very own online music magazine,
www.breakroom.gr which I have been running for over five years now and has been a tipping point for
my entire career. Those last six years, I have developed strong relationships with music managers, record
labels, music venues and festivals, and I got fascinated by the prospect of working for an entertainment
platform. Breakroom.gr has been a media sponsor to all major music events of Athens, and this has
qualified me with strong PR and professional experience. As a CEO on www.breakroom.gr, I am keeping
abreast of market developments, new technologies, and market conditions to suggest concepts and ideas
to the editorial team.

Also, during my experience as a Commercial Operations Assistant in Radio Pepper 96,6- one the biggest
radio stations of Athens, Greece I received intense training in PR and clientele management as I served as
the first point of contact for sponsorships and advertising collaborations. I handled with high
professionalism all the challenges that derive from the interaction with existing and candidate clients,
such as answering general inquiries and handling communications responsibilities.

My long professional experience in up-taking different executive roles, as you can see from my Curriculum
Vitae, has cultivated a high work as well as high-efficiency performance. All my previous employers can
vouch for my reliability, trustworthiness and my ability to come through in every business need.

Furthermore, my current journalism studies at London Metropolitan University will give me the ability to
engage an audience with a story through. In a rapidly changing industry, I will have the tools on how to
cover news stories and develop a range of journalistic writing for different media channels and genres.

I also have excellent IT Skills in all Microsoft Office applications, as well as expertise in Joomla and
Wordpress. Last but not least, I hold extensive experience in all aspects of social media as I am constantly
fascinated by its’ power in marketing affairs and by the creative challenge of inventing new ways of taking
advantage said power.