• Agatha Kempf

A Surrealist Escape Through Instagram

By Agatha Kempf

With the world in a difficult state, it can feel necessary to find a way to escape reality and go to a soothing, calm headspace. Thanks to atmospheric photography, it is possible.

Credits Marcus Wohlstrom. From Instagram @marcus.wohlstrom

How to capture a cold and mysterious atmosphere, a melancholic mood or the beauty of a sunset that looks like a dream ? These five international photographers on Instagram have found a way to do it, and should definitely get more recognition for their work.

1. @marcuswohlstrom

Followed by the iconic @somewheremagazine (give it a follow if you have not already), this 28 years-old Swedish photographer nails both the obscur atmosphere with nocturnal shots or bright dreamy, sometimes surrealist scenes.

“I just sort of see when something has potential, but I keep in mind what I can do in post processing.” he explains.

2. @kingsandsailors

Also followed by @somwheremagazine, this account pictures to perfection dreamy seascapes one could wish to run away to when the world is falling apart. Mostly relying on pink and orange tones for that reverie effect, the blacked out silhouettes add a touch of anonymity, allowing anyone to make that paradise their own.

Shaelyn Stout, 22, student and photographer labels his photography as “wonderlust dreamscape”.

“I think there's something quite nostalgic about it. This unknown but also this comfort in the unknown, nature kind of has a way of doing that. It's very vast and scary but at the same time quite grounding.”

3. @janne.enberg

This Helsinki-based photographer mixes both aesthetic and atmospheric photography. Using the lighting to her advantage, she creates stunning compositions with harsher, direct light as well as softer light. She uses in a lot of her work a simple composition that nevertheless does not end up with simpler pictures, but on the contrary with surprisingly strong images.

4. @prmkhtr

This Canadian photographer’s work is similar to Janne’s in some way, but we can easily notice a rougher look to his photographs. As mentioned in his profile’s biography, this photographer shoots on film, and does so with mastery. Not afraid to experiment with the science of analog photography, he knows how to use double exposure and light leaks to his advantage.

5. @crhudson

Last but certainly not least, this Vermont-based photographer Colin Hudson knows how to use his eye. His very simplistic yet breath-taking shots bring a certain peace of mind while giving some Hitchcock scenery. Very bright while somehow dark at the same time, all these pictures are taken on iPhone.