• Agatha Kempf

Arts And Spiritism

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

By Agatha Kempf

Born with psychic gifts, the mediumistic artist Allen O2O uses his ability to see and hear spirits who guide him through automatic writing and drawing.

Who are you? Automatism Pencil on paper. Sketchbook works (17x24cm) by Allen O2O

Allen O2O, Allen Moore by his real name, is a fine artist, but not quite like the local painter in the old part of town. Gifted with clairvoyant and clairaudient capacities, he is able to hear and see things which are not from the physical realm, and that most of us cannot perceive.

“When I was about seven years old, every night when I would go to sleep, I used to have almost like stroking at the back of my neck, and as if something was pulling the quilt down and tickling me.”

Because of his undetected dyslexia, he would spend time in class daydreaming and mindlessly doodling, not knowing where this practice would one day take him.

Now 39 years-old, he learned to use both his artistic and psychic talents to create some quite unique work.

First labelling himself as a surrealist artist, he later realised he did not truly fit in this category: “ I realised the total difference between other people's works, which was more based on what they were observing with their own eyes and mine, which had no sort of correspondence to anything.”

At first he was embarrassed to say what his artwork was about and reluctant to “come clean” about his practice. “ I was always hiding behind the guise of being a contemporary surrealist.”

So, how does the creating process take place ?

“I start with a blank page, there's no plan for me to feel how something should look. It's kind of like working on the fly,” he explains.

Interview with O2O about starting new work

“There's no plan for me to set out: when some people draw, it's going to look like this, it's going to be this colour. For me it’s nothing like that. I don't know what's gonna come.”

Sometimes during the process of creation, Allen explains he gets in a state of trance he calls automatism, as if he was being led by energies.

“During the first lockdown in Valencia, I went into that state. I locked myself in a room and I did an automatism, on the back of another painting. I turned it four times, each day I would work on a different side. A I actually recorded myself in a timelapse: the drawing becomes very rapid and very erratic.”

Artwork by Allen O2O

Jennifer Gilbert, 36, is an artist and the founder of the Jennifer Lauren gallery where she put together the exhibition Kindred Spirits, gathering artists who blend their psychic abilities to their art. “Allen O2O was just perfect for the Kindred Spirits show I was putting together.”

“When you look at some of his works, they might come across slightly creepy because of the subject matter, some of them look a bit skull-like.” she continues.

“But I really enjoy looking at his work and hearing him talk about it.”

Sophia Shim, 22, a junior account executive, says she relates to his work in the sense that O2O’s automatic writing reminds her of her restless mind: “All my thoughts are messy, and out of that messiness I can make my point.”

“I admire that he lets himself in a trance state of mind, letting whatever comes to show, connecting to these energies, conveying whatever they want him to convey.”