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Live from Folklore: a glimmer of hope for up-and-coming musicians

Live music, credit - Vishnu R Nair via Pexels

By Cheryne Lauraly Fourdrigniez

In a time where all major events have been cancelled, the Live from Folklore event invites four solo up-and-coming musicians to give people a taste of what live music could be like when things get back to normal.

The Live from Folklore music event was organised by a group of students from the British and Irish Modern Institute of Music, or BIMM, and was live streamed from Folklore, a lively bar in Hoxton.

The night started with a performance by Sara Balk who gave us a sneak peek of her upcoming EP, followed by Emsy who showcased some songs he’s been working on during lockdown, Charlie HS who performed some original and cover music and finally, EB who shared her latest EP.

(Both pictures are being used with permission from Charlie HS and Emsy)

The musicians used the evening as an opportunity to share their work – giving them a chance to finally share the music they haven’t been able to showcase to the world due to lockdown restrictions.

How you can support small musicians, Infographic by Cheryne Fourdrigniez

Singer, songwriter and guitarist, Charles Harvey Scarrot, 19, who goes by his stage name, Charlie HS says, “Since it’s being live-streamed and because there won’t be that crowd interaction, it will be slightly different but the reason why it’s happening now is to get people excited for going back out if you will.”

Emsy, a 19-year-old singer, songwriter and pianist says, “We are now going through an important shift in our reality, and we are maybe reaching a better stage where we can finally move on with our lives and start over.”

It’s been a particularly difficult year for emerging artists like Emsy who have never performed in front of a crowd before. That’s why he admits that he’s been struggling to stay motivated during lockdown.

Music has always been there for Emsy who says, “I must say that while growing up, it happened unconsciously, this time I consciously wanted music to help me. I reached out to her.”

Emsy live performance at Live from Folklore, screen recording by Cheryne Fourdrigniez

The Live from Folklore event gives everyone a glimmer of hope, hope that we are finally going to be able to socialise and enjoy listening to live music again.

Watch back the Live from Folklore event using the link below: