• Agatha Kempf

Maryon’s New Single Flatline is Just on Time For Summer

By Agatha Kempf

After her debut single Hustler, singer Maryon is more than ready and excited to launch her new single, “Flatline”.

As COVID restrictions are slowly being lifted and spring has arrived, the only thing people have in mind is to go to the park with friends, grab a few drinks, and sit down on the grass, warm breeze in the air, blasting some sweet tunes.

Lucky for Maryon who is to release her new single, Flatline, on the 4th of June.

Having written the song a year ago, she first went through a phase of artistic evolution before deciding to choose her track as a release.

“This is how it happens with music, you know, you write tracks and then and then you kind of forget about them for a little bit.” she says.

“I think I was just developing, I went through an artistic development and just worked with loads of different people and producers, I was trying to figure out my sound and who I was as an artist.”

Not only Maryon had been working on herself as an artist, but she also inevitably had to overcome the pandemic and find a way to work through it. Despite the lack of human connection during the creating process, she still managed to find a positive side to it.

“Working digitally, on Zoom with different people, it's definitely fun. It gives you the freedom , you can be anywhere, and you can just open your laptop and plug the microphone and just sing, and you can do a session with everyone.” she explains.

“I think as musicians, we have to adapt to these circumstances and just move on.”

Maryon says Flatline is quite a heartfelt yet powerful song: “It refers to a past relationship I had, where it didn't really end up well. And, I'm speaking generally about relationships, you try to turn off the thoughts in your mind, you try to move on. (...) But, it gets really hard because if you have an attachment to the person, it's really hard to forget that.”

Maryon on the emotions she wants to carry through Flatline

She continues: “So turning off the person to in order to move on, kind of creates a flatline So the person doesn't affect me anymore”

The artist hopes she can help others in similar situations to feel better.

“I’d feel like I've done my job as a singer, songwriter and artist.”

“If I can inspire and make people feel something through my music, then I’d be a very happy person.”

Listen to Maryon's Flatline on Spotify now!